10 August, 2005

Project Valour-IT Begins

I'm far too tired to make this eloquent or beautiful. The Castle and Barb say it so much better than I could, but here are the bare facts...

Project Valour IT is now up and running at Soldiers' Angels. No link from the homepage yet, so go directly to the project webpages.

There's been a bit of a stumble over the PR handouts. They should be available before noon today (knock on wood). In the meantime, visit the Soldier's Angels project website for general info, background, contacts, and most importantly right now... donations. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or suggestions you have.

So many people are involved in this in such important ways that I am overwhelmed by the possibilities of this kind of creativity, generosity and knowledge put to such a noble use. Particular thanks go out to Holly Aho for her marvelous website design and programming skills, and the men of Castle Argghhh!, who are pretty much coordinating the Internet/blog side of things. Deepest thanks, beyond my ability to express, go to all the wonderful people who continue to help make this happen.

Speaking of which, several very big big wigs are already expressing sincere interest in Project Valour-IT, simply from hearing of it by word-of-mouth. I will let you all know if/when anything comes of it.

Now, for more than 3 hours of sleep tonight... *exhausted grin*

UPDATE: added links for Holly Aho and Argghhh!.