24 August, 2005

A Different Angle on Fundraising

Well, I think the crud that's gotten me sick has now turned to eating my brain. Since I've got nothing meaningful to say, here's someone who does...

Huntress has some excellent suggestions for fundraising, at the bottom of a very nice post about Valour-IT:

...find some creative fun exciting ways to raise donations; how about a bowling for donations tournament, or a neighborhood car wash, or a bake sale...

I hadn't thought of this kind of fundraising at all. It sounds like the perfect project for a Scout Troop, a church youth group, or a school. Now that Huntress has gotten me thinking, how about a "Dance-a-thon" or a reading competition at your local school (students collect a small donation for each book a classroom reads).

So, how about it, all you Valour-IT supporters? I know you can only make your personal dollars stretch so far, but there are great opportunities out there for groups! And this is a wonderful learning activity for school-age children, whether they're doing a reading competition or learning about what it means to serve simply by their association with the project.

Finally, Huntress closes with an excellent suggestion for the media:

And to all those in media that spent WEEKS chasing after me for interviews, why not give the George Smith story a rest, and help draw attention to this wonderful project by giving it some coverage. [link added]