06 September, 2005

"Call to the Nation"

Soldiers' Angels and American Young Heroes have a big idea for showing our military how much we support them...

Call to the Nation: Support the Troops

We invite ALL Americans who Support Our Troops to Publicly demonstrate that Support in small or large gatherings in hundreds of cities and towns across America at 11:00am on September 17, 2005...

..All of our Troops deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the Gulf Coast of America, and around the world deserve and need to hear loud and clear from the "silent majority" that we in fact do support them.

It is time for our troops overseas to be able to talk about how their families, friends and fellow Americans back home all got together to show their support and appreciation. It is time that we do something together to build up their spirits.

Let's do it, people. We've vowed, "never again..." Let's be part of making sure that vow is kept.

[Soldiers' Angels is the organization managing Valour-IT, and I found this on Holly's website. I imagine she's very involved with this...]