28 September, 2005

I'm Pro-Victory

Those who want to end U.S. military involvement in Iraq have long claimed the title "Anti-war." The logical antonym would seem to be "Pro-war." But as I've said before, I am not "for war." So, people who oppose "Anti-war" types struggle to label themselves. "Pro-troop is somewhat satisfactory, but some people are pro-troop but truly believe the war is hopeless and we should withdraw, so that doesn't fit. Other labels are even less satisfactory.

But Jay Tea at Whizbang has come up with the correct label for those opposing the "anti-war" position:

Let the other side be "anti-war." If they choose not to recognize that the war started a long time ago, and we've only recently started fighting back, that's their stupidity. We have more important things to worry about than their whining and kvetching.

We're pro-VICTORY.

It's a good word. It says exactly what our goal is: to win, to defeat the enemy, to stop those out to destroy us and our way of life and impose their tyrannical vision on people.
I like it! A North American Patriot agrees, and has given it a logo. If you are Pro-Victory, get your logo here and display it proudly.

H/T Mudville Gazette / Holly Aho