19 September, 2005

The Return of Valour-IT?

Despite what you may have heard, the demise of Valour-IT has been greatly exaggerated. We're still plugging away, albeit very, very slowly. The needs of Hurricane Katrina victims pretty much wiped us off people's charitable-giving map. And with such gargantuan time-sensitive needs, it wouldn't have been right to push something (Valour-it) that is not about life-threatening concerns, of course.

But the question now is, when do we start increasing Valour-IT visibility once again? We don't plan to push it online until the fundraising competition in October, but there are opportunities for local community organizations, businesses, media, etc. We now have a lot of materials available for everything from motivational presentations for a club that may like to do a fundraiser for Valour-IT, to materials for approaching corporations and media outlets.

So, what sense are you getting of the lay of the land where you are? Do you think people are almost ready to listen to non-hurricane charity requests? What might be a good way to frame this? Let's pool our info/perceptions and see if we can answer these questions...