11 September, 2005

Thoughts on 9-11

Many of my favorite bloggers have written wonderful posts on this 9-11 anniversary. Please go and read them, if you haven't yet. They're so good that I'm glad I finished my own thoughts before I was humbled by reading their remarkable writing.

In a must-read, Lex puts the last four years in perspective with"Four Years." If you click on only one link, make it this one.

Cassandra shares her heart-felt wish for 9-11-05 in "Just for One Day." It's mine, too.

Sgt. B lights candles of remembrance and reminds us of American heroes.

BCR fearlessly discusses the anger.

Kat explains why it's personal.

John ties past and present together.

Barb offers her memories and a roundup of big and small bloggers' 9-11 posts.