31 October, 2005

Calling Out the Army, Navy and Air Force

UPDATE: We have a very, very big name who is going to try to help us get the word out and handle logistics for the competition. I can't announce it until he's sure he has the time, but with his help we could make this a huge week for Valour-IT, and a great gift to our wounded veterans on Veterans Day. Don't let this slip away!

UPDATE II: Blackfive is also onboard. Army, you know what to do...

UPDATE III: Greyhawk joins us! Air Force supporters, let him know you're there... That leaves only Navy to step up for representation.

UPDATE IV: Mrs. Smash is leading the Navy team!

UPDATE V: See the Valour-IT blog for up-to-date information on the competition.

To all you soldiers, sailors and airmen out there:

The Marines have seized the day and are already organizing for the Valour-IT Fundraising Competition. Bloggers who were approached to lead the rest of the teams have not responded. So soldiers, sailors, and airmen, are you going to let the Marines, airmen, and soldiers be the only ones out there on the pointy end of the spear? Get in on the action!

We need somebody to step up and lead teams for the Army, Navy and Air Force immediately, with a kick-off of Wednesday morning. Think you've got what it takes? Email me now!

This is serious; Valour-IT desperately needs funds, and this fundraising competition is teetering on the edge of viability. This is why it's so important.

Thanks to Mudville Gazette for Open Post, The Indepundit for Morning Quarters, and Outside The Beltway Sunday Drive