27 October, 2005

Can Women be Curmudgeons?

The neighboring family is (again!) using their car stereo to share their favorite tunes with the neighborhood while they work in the yard: Mexi-rap on the front side and Spanish pop music at the back. I suppose it could be worse. The last place I lived the fave was gansta rap, and my entire apartment grooved to the beat as pimped-out vehicles stopped to open the apartment complex gate... at 10:30 p.m.!!!!!!

I can never remember a time--even as a teenager--that I thought my right to be noisy was absolute, or that I EVER played my music loud enough to for the neighbors to hear or to bounce the car of the guy pulled up next to me down the street. I'd be embarrassed to force my musical choices on the people around me. When did such egocentric and obnoxious behavior become socially acceptable?!

Good grief! I'm a curmudgeon at 30 (ahem, 30-something)...

UPDATE: I should clarify: it's not that I've never played music loudly, it's just that I've never done it in a situation that might infringe on others' desires to be quiet.