02 October, 2005

Meeting Flight Pundit

Unfortunately, the Support the Troops activity we had planned for Luke Air Force Base fell through. The main gate was shut down, we couldn't find a gate that was being used a lot, and nine of the eleven people scheduled to come didn't show up.

Yup. Just me and Michael (Flight Pundit). I was disappointed, but the silver lining was a chance to sit and talk with Michael, who proved to be a great conversationalist. He credited his ability to draw me out to having six sisters. But frankly, I think he just spiked my water; either that, or he used some super-secret mind ray on me that nearly made me spill my guts. Fortunately, my strength of mind resisted it... I think. LOL!

Regardless, we sat in McDonalds and talked for two and a half hours--about everything from our careers to religion, politics, sociology and psychology. Lots of laughs were interspersed, and in the moments I shut up and listened, a lot was learned.

All in all, a nice start to my trip. Thanks, Michael! :)

P.S. Michael, anytime you need a paper placemat shredded into a couple hundred tiny pieces, you know who to call. ;)