25 October, 2005

The Rest of the Story

If you watch or read the news at all, you've heard about the recent car bomb (VBIED) attacks on two Baghdad hotels that killed several seventeen people and injured many more. But buried at the end of a long Associated Press article entitled U.S. Military Deaths Reach 2,000 in Iraq is some information about the bombing that I hadn't heard before. Read it carefully. Yes, the attack involved three vehicles, as widely reported, but that's not the whole story. It turns out it's another in a long line of (largely unheralded) heroic actions by our soldiers:

The group also said it was behind the three suicide car bombs aimed at the Palestine and Sheraton hotels in Baghdad. Deputy Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali Kamal said 17 people were killed — mostly hotel guards and passers-by — in Monday's attack, which involved bombers driving two cars and a cement truck.

The U.S. soldier who shot and killed the truck driver said he initially had a hard time seeing the truck drive through the breach that the first car explosion had created in the concrete wall.

"Once the dust and the debris settled down, I noticed the truck had already breached through our perimeter," Spc. Darrell Green told CNN American Morning. "He backed up and then pulled forward. As he was doing that, I engaged in machine gun and took out the driver. If he had made it through, he could have done a lot more damage, a lot more casualties than what actually happened."
I can't help wondering where the headlines about SPC Green are...

Update here.