16 October, 2005

The "Return" of Valour-IT

No, we didn't really go anywhere. But Valour-IT has been rather quiet lately, as the spotlight of charitable giving has been shining on the recent hurricane victims. However, laptops have still been going out to the wounded, and we are gearing up for some exciting things.

I had hoped to have all the details for you by Monday morning, but it looks like it may not happen (I'll take this post down if it does). But here is what you can expect to hear about in the next couple of days, guaranteed:

  • The online fundraising competition that will lead up to Veterans Day
  • Stories and words of those who have received the laptops
  • Suggestions for approaching large businesses for donations
  • Two new press releases
  • Top-notch Powerpoint presentations for use with corporations or community groups
  • Flyers for distribution around neghborhoods, businesses, or places of worship, etc.
  • Details about press exposure we've been getting
  • Info on total laptops delivered so far
  • Updates to the official website
But we need your help right now! For the online fundraising competition, there are three different ways of setting up teams being considered:
  1. Two or three big bloggers recruit smaller bloggers to create ad hoc teams.
  2. Milbloggers are divided by service branch and we civilian bloggers pick whom we want to support
  3. Milbloggers vs. a coalition of civilian/political bloggers
If you have any opinions or suggestions on the subject of teams, please comment below!

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