01 November, 2005

Fundraising Competition

The scoop on Valour-IT's Fundraising Competition [updated regularly]...

The Basics:

  • For the purposes of friendly competition, teams are divided along U.S. military branches. Team Leaders are Holly Aho (Marines), Blackfive (Army), and Mrs. Greyhawk (Air Force), and Mrs. Smash (Navy). Sign up your blog here.
  • To get team credit for a donation, you must donate via the "To Donate" button that displays your team name (posted on the team leader and team member websites, it takes you to the proper Valour-IT PayPal donation page). Donations made via the regular Valour-IT website will not be part of your team's official competition total, though they will still go to the Valour-IT program.
  • The competition is a friendly game to see who can raise the most, but all the money ends up in the same place: Valour-IT.
  • Our goal is to raise at least enough money to purchase and ship 30 laptops. That's about $21,000, or roughly $5250 per team over a 10-day span. UPDATE: Due to the great success of the first three days of fundraising, the goal has been expanded to $21,000 per team.
Getting Involved:
  • Anyone can donate to any team (at least one person has donated to all 4!).
  • Any blogger (military or civilian) can join any team. Just visit one of the websites linked above, and let the leader know you're "enlisting."
  • If you would like to receive background info and share your posts with other Valour-IT bloggers, join the Fusileers email group.
  • If you're not a blogger, email your friends and family or talk to your coworkers about Valour-IT. Post flyers, give Powerpoint presentations (email me for files), write Letters to the Editor, or call your local talk radio shows.
  • For updates and Valour-IT news, check the Valour-IT Blog often.
  • Need motivation/inspiration? Try this.
Other ways to help can be found here.