09 November, 2005

Gifts for Donors

[Updated and bumped up]

Team Navy has been busy today, coming up with wonderful offers of goods and services in exchange for donations to the cause.

Professional photographer Da Goddess is offering photo sessions in her area in exchange for donations of at least $100 (local) or $200 (regional).

Over at Indepundit, Smash is selling his beautiful wife for the Navy cause. He's also auctioning off his lieutenant's bars, a cap from the U.S.S. Nimitz, a Camp Patriot/OIF patch, his Navy Dress Blue jacket, and a pair of Canadian LT's shoulderboards. All but the cap auction closed.

Lex is passing out U.S.S. Ronald Reagan baseball caps to the next 10 donors who give at least $100. Update: 2 caps left as of 4:31 EST 11/10/05. All gone!

Cox & Forkum are auctioning off the signed original of their wonderful Valour-IT Cartoon. Go here to bid. $650 donation to Valour-IT was the winning bid.

Chris Muir is offering a personalized Day-by-Day cartoon to the highest bidder. Auction held at Overtaken by Events. $571 donation to Valour-IT was the winning bid.

Holly Aho has set up an official online auction site for any teams who are auctioning things to raise additional funds.

More goodies are in the works, so keep checking back here.