15 November, 2005

Lived to see the day?

For all the times I've heard "The Left is trying to turn Iraq into Vietnam," I always hoped that while there were some strategic parallels on their part, it would never truly come to that. And then I read the news today about the Senate.

I don't want to discuss whose fault the Senate's behavior today is. It simply *is.* I'm going to let others talk about this. You can draw the obvious conclusions.

From John Kerry's mailing list:

Subject: You Forced Their Hand

Dear _________,

You can feel the ice breaking. For far too long, Republican leaders have refused to challenge the aimless Bush "stay as long as it takes" approach to Iraq. But now, their unwillingness to act has started to crumble.

Today in the Senate, facing a Democratic resolution on Iraq, the Republicans offered their own call for President Bush to come up with a plan. They didn't go nearly far enough, but clearly our call for a concrete plan is gaining momentum.

It's time for the next step. Help our "20,000 troops home over the holidays" campaign place billboards in the home districts of Republican leaders. Help place billboards in Republican leaders' home districts

To date, over a quarter of a million people have signed our call to withdraw 20,000 troops from Iraq over the holidays. That withdrawal should be linked to the completion of December elections in Iraq - and it should be the first step in the concrete plan for Iraq that President George W. Bush owes the American people.

We shouldn't let America's brave men and women go another day without having such a plan in place. That's why we're turning up the heat with our Billboards and House Signs campaign over the next month.

Will you add your voice and your financial support to this effort right now?

Help place billboards in Republican leaders' home districts

This is the next key step in a grassroots organizing and mobilizing campaign that won't end until we've forced the Bush administration to act. The best way to do that is to turn up the heat on Republican leaders in Congress.

It's important to get our "20,000 troops home over the holidays" message out everywhere. With your help, we'll run these billboards where they can be seen by key Republican leaders of Congress.

And, to extend this phase of our "20,000 troops home over the holidays" effort to your own hometown, here's what we've done. We've created a downloadable version of the billboard that you can print and post in your own home.

Download and display a house sign

We can feel the momentum building every day behind our call for a concrete plan for Iraq. And our Billboards and House Signs initiative can keep moving things forward. Let's make it happen.


John Kerry

P.S. We've got to act fast to place and produce these billboards. In addition to donating, I hope you'll pass news of this exciting initiative on to your friends and colleagues by forwarding this message now.
My God, has that man no memory? No shame? The gall to use the heart-tugging "Home for the Holidays" phrase in conjunction with something so... I can't write about this anymore without completely "losing it."

Has the majority of the Senate no true concern for the welfare and safety of our country?!! Have their souls and consciences been completely eaten by politics??

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My heart wants to run screaming over the cliff, but I'm holding out hope that all this isn't as bad as the first conclusions make it out to be. We swore over and over again, "Never again." Have we failed once again? Will it all be for naught?