27 November, 2005

One Marine's Thanksgiving

In order to counter the near-constant negativity from bigger media sources, many of us bloggers spend a lot of time focusing on how peaceful most of Iraq is these days. But there are still very dangerous places in Iraq. CPT B is in one of those places (near the Syrian border where the Marines have been clearing out insurgent-controlled towns, I believe). He has an amazing post describing his Thanksgiving trip:

I could explain every detail to you about it but you wouldn’t feel the sneaky eyes peeking around corners with cell phones calling trigger men ahead waiting to try to blow you up or you wouldn’t feel the weight on your chest as you swerve to miss the crater holes and the radio chatter is calling out the probable IEDs spotted. Its very surreal because while this is going on small kids are waving hello at you on the sidewalks. I guess that’s better than them mashing their thumbs down imitating the act of detonating an IED like they sometimes do. This place is crazy. As we drive I've now counted at least twenty IED crater holes in the road and have lost count there are so many.

Just as we enter the friendly lines a large IED goes off behind us.
Go read it all.