12 November, 2005

Stuff "B's" Inbox!

Yesterday I wrote about a severely-wounded soldier who will soon be receiving a laptop from Valour-IT. He's a triple amputee and is only just beginning to learn the new skills required to do everyday things for himself. Kat had a wonderful idea about him. She suggested that we write emails to him so that he can read them as soon as he gets his laptop and learns to use the voice software. It would be a great encouragement and motivation to him.

It's a fabulous idea, and I can't wait to stuff his Inbox with emails expressing our gratitude for his service, and our moral support on his long road to recovery! I'm thinking that things like jokes and funny stories would also be appreciated.

I spoke to the Soldiers'Angel who is in contact with his family this morning. She said she will get his email address late this evening. We need to send emails as soon as we get his address, so that they will be waiting for him on Monday.

So, how can you join our "Stuff B's Inbox" team? In order to protect his identity and ensure that he receives only the encouraging and supportive emails he needs, his address and name will not be posted publicly anywhere. If I know you, and you would like to be on the team, please email me at the link in the upper righthand corner of my blog. I will immediately send you his email and more info about him.

If I do not already know you, I can only share his email address if you can get one of the milbloggers I know to vouch for you. I'm sorry to set myself up as gatekeeper like this, but I don't know any other way to ensure his address doesn't get in the hands of someone who will abuse him, or make him feel small by pitying him. He's fighting to reclaim his life in the face of devastating injury; he needs support and encouragement, not some anonymous idiot tearing him down, even unintentionally. And if I don't know you, I can't tell which kind you are.

So, let's get to work on this! As much as we want to, we can't wave a magic wand and restore him to physical health. But we can soothe his spirit a little, make him smile or laugh, and give him a bit more courage to face the immense challenges of his present and future. Let's make sure he knows he hasn't been forgotten!