26 November, 2005

Valour-IT News Bites

Laptop Distribution Status

Since its creation in August, Project Valour-IT has purchased nearly 100 fully-equipped, voice-activated laptops and distributed them to medical centers around the country (if a hospital is not listed below, patients there may still be receiving laptops directly from Valour-IT/Soldiers' Angels).

The following hospitals each have ten laptops available for patients: Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital (29 Palms), Walter Reed Army Medical Center, National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda), Brooke Army Medical Center, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, Balboa Naval Hospital (due to proximity and low demand, Pendleton and Balboa share 10 between them). WRAMC also has 20 on-hand to distribute to patients who are expected to have a long-term/permanent need. Besides the those listed above, 17 laptops have been gifted from Valour-IT directly to recovering wounded arounded the country who face permanent disability.

Additionally, Valour-IT has developed some excellent contacts at Madigan Regional Medical Center (Ft. Lewis), and we expect to be able to soon provide laptops to patients there.

Website Upates

As soon as Holly Aho and I can get it together, we will be adding some features to the website. We will have a button on the front page for a form where a laptop can be requested for a wounded warrior, a running tally of how many laptops have been purchased and where they are going, and a section with testimonials/descriptions (and hopefully photos) of the impact these laptops are having on the recipients.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are closer than we've ever been to having a computer company supply us with laptops that are either going to be free, or cost significantly less than those we currently purchase. The free ones would be comparable to those we currently use (rather low-end), or else they will sell us very nice laptops at a bargain-basement price. The company has already arranged with their shipping partner to offer free shipping for the laptops. We're just waiting to get the details and hear that it's official.

National Exposure

As I hinted at before, a well-established veterans' support group is working with us on some exciting things. We won't be the ones announcing it, so I can't tell you anything more for now. But you'll know when it happens! We expect to have national press at the kick-off ceremony in Washington, DC during the week before Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed, etc., because this has the potential to bring in lots of donations and continue the momentum of the fundraising competition we had this month. It should also help us better identify and reach the wounded warriors who can benefit from Valour-IT.

Busy Supporters

A Cub Scout troop in Pasadena, CA has secured a primo location along the main parade route during the Rose Parade this year. They will be distributing Valour-IT flyers and selling food all day long, with all profits going to Project Valour-IT! Go, Cub Scouts!!

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