16 December, 2005

Adopt a Wounded Soldier

As detailed previously, Valour-IT has been so popular that we now have a waiting list for wounded servicemembers who would like to receive a voice-activated laptop. If you would like to help a wounded warrior reconnect with the world and continue to support him or her with words of gratitude and encouragement and other traditional kinds of support, we are now officially set up to take requests from potential adopters.

I know the pricetag for a laptop might seem prohibitive for many of you. But how about making it a Sunday School class project, or getting together with office mates to pool your resources? It could even be a small fundraiser for something like a scout troop. Get creative! The life-changing support this provides for a wounded warrior is really priceless. Severe injuries such as the type that require a voice-activated laptop are life-changing, and those who suffer from them need lots of support and encouragement as they begin to cope with their new life.

I've written before about what we owe those who laid it all on the line, standing in our place and coming back with the scars to prove it. Let's do everything in our power to ease the burdens they now bear because of their service for us. It's truly the least we can do if we want to be able to look ourselves in the mirror every morning...