15 December, 2005

Highjinks in Diego Garcia

If you have not yet had the pleasure of a Sea Story as told by Lex, you have my sympathies. But here's your chance to rectify the deficiency!

In Emergency Sortie and Po' Lazlorus, Lex details the adventures of a lovable rogue whose misdeeds finally catch up with him. Here's a taste:

But our squadron could not report a full and complete muster gentle reader, because, while I and my other fly-on pilots were accounted for, Lazlo as you are aware, most certainly was not. And soon the whole ship knew as well, since our hero’s name was repeatedly called on the ship’s announcing system in censorious tones, obliging him to report immediately to the Big XO on the bridge with his ID card in hand. This occurred every five minutes for over two hours, and by the time Lazlo made it aboard, our squadron commanding officer and executive officer were in an exceptionally high state of lather, with the XO offering to personally drown Lazlo once his whereabouts were established.
It gets better (or worse) from there...

Read it all. You can thank me later.