05 December, 2005

Men, Women, Fish and Bicycles

Very interesting reading on the topic of Feminism's impact on men's role as fathers.

Flight Pundit looks at it from the perspective of dating. He describes many of the women he's dated recently as nearly desperate for a child, but wanting it on their own terms and, "not realizing that it is a family and not a business. There are two people with input into the household."

I commented:

"So true. I’m always amazed by these kinds of women who seem to be so self-centered and so blind about themselves and others. But maybe it’s because they’ve been told all their lives that they can "throw off the shackles of patriarchy," that it’s [all] about what they want and what they need. But of course, relationships ultimately aren’t about competition or domination [or me, me, me]. So sad.

And yes, choices always mean trade-offs. No wrong answers, but not all answers are possible all the time. And it seems to me that some trade-offs are so worth it...
I'd be very interested to hear what some of my married friends think. And for everyone, how pervasive is the attitude described in the article among women (both single and married)?