05 December, 2005

A Month in the Life of FbL

Yes, this is a definite whine. I know for a fact that some of my regular readers have far more on their plates than this. But having to make up for having been sick for most of November makes all of this seem absolutely overwhelming.

December activities besides the regular 7 to 9 music classes per day (until the 17th), while dealing with the fact that with almost no warning classes at each grade level were recombined the last two weeks of the quarter (because same-grade classes are all at different skill levels, recombining is extremely impractical):

7 Grades for 19 classes (500+ students) due; meeting from 1-6 p.m.
8 School activty until 8 p.m.
9 Choose award certificates for 24 students
10 Staff Christmas Party
12 Staff meeting after school
14 Parent-Teacher Conferences, Remove decoration, etc., for wall painting
15 School Christmas Program (day and evening performances)
15 or 16 Grand piano arrives at home (I can't choose day/time)
16 Last day of school before Christmas (aka "Insanity Day")

Yay! Now vacation, right? Maybe rest a little? Get ready for Christmas?

17 Drive to Phoenix, shop for presents (little selection at home)
18 Fly from Phoenix to Washington, DC
19 Meet bigwig in DC
22 Fly from DC to Phoenix (6 a.m. flight), drive 3+ hours home
23 Wake up, drive 5.5 hours to San Diego (through L.A.)
24 Christmas Eve
25 Christmas Day