31 December, 2005

My Navy Day, pt. 1

As seems to be a developing pattern with meeting my online friends, things didn't go quite as planned. Apparently there are two exits to Carmel Valley Rd, and I took the one the wasn't going to get me to Del Mar. That meant I spent 45 minutes driving around east of Del Mar instead of enjoying the ocean in Torrey Pines (south of Del Mar). Grrr!! Ah well, it was still pretty scenery...

Because of the challenges of parking in Del Mar, Lex and I stashed my car and then drove to the restaurant in his sporty BMW. My mistake. Riding in a car with Lex? Strap in and hang on! At one stop sign/light, I was turning my head to talk to him and thus unprepared for the takeoff. Hmmm... I wonder if I can put in a claim of whiplash on his car insurance even if there was no accident. ;)

What else can I say about Lex? He was gentlemanly and funny and kind... and excelled at foraging for spoons. Laughter and conversation abounded. We talked about a wide swath of topics: from the divide in American politics, to education, children (I offered my vast childless expertise on the subject), my escapades as a very challenging child, and things like determination and self-confidence. And I was happy to discover that he talks as fast as I do! Maybe it's an intelligence thing... You know, the smart people can think fast enough to talk fast...

Of course, there was the sticky issue of who will pay when the girl is the one who suggested the meal:

Lex: (Pulling out his wallet)
FbL: (Neutrally) I suppose you're going to be paying, aren't you?
Lex: (In a calm but no-arguments voice) Yes, I am.
FbL: Okay, I'll be nice and not argue with you.
Lex: Good.
FbL: I figured I'd spare you the endless argument that neither of us would win.
Lex: I'd win.
FbL: No.
Lex: 'Cause I've got the moral high ground.
FbL: Oh? You do??
Lex: Yes. I'm the guy. So I pay. That's how it works.
FbL: That doesn't sound much like the moral high ground. I think I could marshall quite a few arguments on my side. Such as how you're a misogynistic, knuckle-dragging ape for saying that. You know, all of that...
Lex: (chuckling) You don't really think that kind of stuff, do you?
FbL: (grinning) No, but I'd play the devil's advocate just for the fun of arguing with you.
Lex: (cracking up with laughter)

Good food and good conversation with a fine gentleman... a most excellent lunch. Thank you, Lex.

And fortunately for all involved, though the menu was Mexican, there were no talking burritos.

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