08 December, 2005

Not Again!!

Update (12/9/05): Thank you! I think I got the miracle I needed; the good vibes, etc., must have worked. I still felt yucky, but based on how bad I felt before classes started yesterday, I truly thought I'd never make it through the day. However, my fever disappeared while I was at school and I had a pretty good day. Last evening it came back and I awoke in the middle of the night, dazed and confused with a massive headache and a fever of 104. I'm a little better now, but still feel awful. Let's hope everything gets better again, once classes start. *fingers crossed*

This time it's the flu. I should not be at school at all, but that's not an option right now (for many reasons). So, I'm sitting here with a fever of nearly 103, headache, hacking cough, and every joint in my body aching.

I need your good vibes, prayers, healing thoughts, etc. Truly.

I can NOT miss a single day until next Friday. It's really not an option. I need a miracle.