01 January, 2006

The Bicycle

No, this isn't my New Year's Resolution. It's the result of the suggestions, motivation and expertise of both Lex and Michael last Fall (thank you for your support and advice... and damn you both for getting me hopelessly hooked on the sport! *grin*).

I actually started riding a friend's bike back in November during the few days I was healthy enough, while I searched for a very affordable (read: cheap) bike of my own. I found one! It was so new when I bought it that the tire seams weren't even worn, but it'd been in an Arizona garage for about 5 years and needed a little bike-shop TLC. After weeks of waiting for parts to arrive, I got it out of the shop on Christmas Eve. Yippee!

Now that the broken front brake spring has been replaced and everything has been carefully calibrated, and I've got my health back and my computerized odometer, water bottle, etc. on hand, I am ready to rumble! Right on cue a spring for the rear brake broke during my 2nd ride around along Lake Hodges (north of San Diego). And the bike store isn't open until the 3rd. Sigh... It's back to my friend's 2-ton, 20-year-old Huffy for another two weeks.

On Michael's advice, I'm considering keeping a bike journal here on the blog. Either way, I'll keep you all updated. And if you've never taken a bicycle for more than a sight-seeing spin, I encourage you to drag your old bike out of the garage and go pedal for all you're worth. Those Jello Legs come with a marvelous payoff! *grin*