03 January, 2006

How to Operate a Helicopter Mechanic

HomeFrontSix (wife of an Army Chinook mechanic) points us to some advice for new helicopter pilots who may struggle with the pilot-mechanic relationship:

Helicopter pilots and mechanics have a strange relationship. It's a symbiotic partnership because one's job depends on the other, but it's an adversary situation too, since one's job is to provide the helicopter with loving care, and the other's is to provide wear and tear. Pilots will probably always regard mechanics as lazy, lecherous, intemperate swine who couldn't make it through flight school, and mechanics will always be convinced that pilots are petulant children with pathological ego problems, a big watch, and a little whatchamacallit.
Ha! Sounds like it could apply to the world of fixed-wing aviation, too...

Read it all here, and be sure check out the comments at HFS's site.