08 January, 2006

Just Had to Brag...

[Updates below]

Last time I went biking (Friday) I did 7.9 miles in 40 minutes, and I felt like I hadn't been pushing myself hard enough.

So this afternoon I pushed myself and rode 11.1 miles on a mildly hilly road in 34 minutes. Now I know you cyclists out there are unimpressed, but I had no idea I could do that! I kept double checking the numbers on my computerized odometer, 'cause that means I averaged about 20 mph. Whoa! Of course now I'd much rather go to sleep than write lesson plans for school tomorrow...


Update: I knew that had to be too good to be true. And just as I crawled into bed, I figured out what had happened. When I set the time on my odometer (a Christmas gift) I was in San Diego, which is in the Pacific Time Zone. Arizona doesn't do the time change thing and is currently the same as Mountain Time Zone (one hour ahead of San Diego). Thus my odometer time is one hour earlier than local time. So... I checked the clock in the car before I started my ride: 4 o'clock exactly. I checked the time on the odometer after my ride: 4:34.

Now you'd think that I would notice I'd spent more than just half an hour on the road... but you'd be wrong. I daydream and am easily distractable. I lose total track of time on a not infrequent basis.

So, it was actually 11.1 miles in 94 minutes, which is an average spead of about 10 mph. Sigh. Of course only 6.4 of those miles were at an aerobic speed. The rest of it was cooldown at whatever pace I felt like moving.

Ah, well. If you haven't already been introduced: welcome to my airhead world (no, I'm a brunette).

Update II: Now wait just a minute... This morning I remembered that after my bike ride I spent about 15 minutes in my car, looking for a good place to ride next time. Then I went to the hardware store to get a little bolt I needed fro my bike, just before it closed at 5:00. In fact, they were locking the door as I left. So, I was right! I did go 11.1 miles in 34 minutes!! That's what I get for trying to think and blog as I'm crawling into bed and falling asleep...

Didn't I mention something about being an airhead?