08 February, 2006


Update: I'm obviously still here, but still not sure I want to be...

I wrote a big long post on this subject, analyzing it from several angles, sharing my concerns, raising questions, etc. I even shared it with a couple of friends, asking for advice on whether to post it.

But here's what it boils down to...

With one or two minor exceptions, I've written crap for the last four weeks. I fear that's gonna be permanent unless I get some more personal things at least partly off my chest and on the table, things that have been screaming for attention when I try to write instead on topics of substance. But the act of doing that could fundamentally change the character (and possibly the credibilty) of this blog (for those of you who are new around here and have only seen crap, check my November and December archives).

I'm at a crossroads with this... I feel I owe it to Valour-IT to keep this a substantive and (at-most) only semi-personal blog so that it can be (when-needed) the powerhouse for Valour-IT that it was in early November of last year. But there are things that are getting in the way of me being clear-headed enough to do that. And yet, freeing those things may end up damaging that primary objective. 'Cause maybe this funk that I've been in is only transitory. But if not, I'm done with blogging, and any attempts to keep this place going for the sake of Valour-IT will just be a slow and painful dying on the vine, giving a voice/assistance to nothing and no one.