07 March, 2006

Captain B is Home!!!

The inimitable Captain Bourland, who gave his readers such entertaining and thought-provoking insight into the 2nd Marine Division deployed in Al Anbar Iraq, is home and safely wrapped in the arms of his loving family. He describes the adjustment of returning to the States in that familiar style:

I devoured my first quarter pounder with cheese without tasting it and look forward to the next. I watched some TV for the first time last night for about 15 min before falling asleep and laughed at the commercials. I told the Mrs that I bet that commercial was a Super Bowel commercial, she just looked at me like I was a weirdo. I can't drive for s*** and I'm terrible with directions around town now. Curbs? Red light...what red light? I need a 50 cal mounted on my suburban!! [snip]

I have unplugged the phone, stocked the fridge with beer and killed some chow at the Cracker Barrel restaurant for breakfast the other day. I’ll be offline for a bit as I remember what the states are like, what money is, how not to drop "F" bombs all over and try to adjust. Probably take some leave and disappear to some island somewhere. If you know any good resorts that allows cigar smoking and lounging...let me know, I'm looking.
Fortunately, the Captain will be rejoining civilization in time for the Milblog Conference in April--if he can dodge his numerous adoring fans! ;)

Update: Before he started blogging, Captain Bourland was posting as part of his registration with AnySoldier. To see his excellent work there, click here, select "Old Contacts" in the drop-down menu on the left, and look for the first listing of "Bourland, Gary."