04 March, 2006

Owwwwwww!!! (updated)

I was standing in my backyard this evening, taking pictures of the sunset and the lake, as I've developed the habit of doing since I moved here. I stood up on the large rocks around the fire pit in order to get a better angle.

Yup, you know where this is heading...

Deciding to shift a bit to the right for a better photo, I stepped onto another large (unstable) rock around the fire pit. Digital camera in right hand and right foot suddenly lacking a steady surface, down I went. I intended to land on my my right forearm (keeping palm up and camera off the ground) and absorb some of the fall with my left hand, but it all went horribly wrong. I fell to the right and my right elbow, fully bent, hit first in the packed gravel around the fire pit, jamming my shoulder and giving me a strange sort of whiplash.

Right now I'm sitting here typing with one hand, throbbing elbow encased in ice. I suspect any shoulder pain is currently being shouted down. We'll see if I can even move tomorrow. Ugh.


Well, I'm definitely going to be posting the sunset pictures. All this pain and suffering has to be good for something.

Morning update: Thanks for the concern in your comments, but I think it's gonna be okay. No stiffness in my elbow joint this morning, no significant swelling. Just a really hideous bruising in the "funnybone" area that aches a bit, and some tight muscles in my arm/neck/shoulder from the fall. I'm a quick healer with injuries: a couple ibuprofen, and I probably won't even notice it today. But, boy did it hurt last night!!