23 March, 2006

Thing I Wish I'd Said... #4,583,7291

As happens with far too much regularity, Lex says beautifully what I have struggled to say for months:

I’ve said before that there were principled moral and pragmatic reasons to oppose the war before it started. And I can concede that there have been many mistakes made along the way since then. But those arguments before the war were in the end unpersuasive, and the belief that nothing should be attempted unless it be executed flawlessly is simply infantile.

On top of all that, I just can not understand how anyone can truly believe there is either a moral or pragmatic argument to be made for leaving Iraq now, and letting all of those people who went to the polls, and voted - freely voted! - in Iraq! - to be finally strangled to death by the same murderers whose depredations we are treated to with mind-numbing regularity.

This kind of thinking is not just naive. It’s repugnant.
What he said.