21 March, 2006


Update: Yesterday, the "purr." Today, the "ow!" My large muscle groups are fine, but that was the most intense off-road workout I've had, and so it reached muscles I don't normally use in biking on paved surfaces. All the little muscles such as along the upper part of my ribcage under my arms and right in front of my armpits and other such strange places are extremely sore! Owwwwie!!

Although I haven't stopped biking in the last 3 or 4 weeks, the frequency has been significantly reduced.

So, today I drove down to Lake Hodges and biked about six miles on- and offroad along the North Shore Trail. It's rained a lot lately, so the sandy ground was rather soft. That's good because it's less jarring... bad because it takes a whole lot more strength and endurance to power through while maintaining balance on washboard trails.

I am soooo exhausted! But it's that good kind of exhaustion that's so much easier to reach when I'm in lesser shape... makes for a nice high.