19 April, 2006

The Personal Side...

Well, it seems this blog has been "All Fran O'Brien's All the Time," this week.

But this weekend it's the Milblog Conference!!! It's going to be so exciting to meet so many people. There will be movers and shakers, dear friends, people whose blogs I've read and admired from afar, and people I've worked with on Valour-IT (and new people who might be interested in it!)--each one of whom I can hardly wait to finally meet face-to-face (while at the same time freaking out at the thought that they maybe I'm different than the person they think they got to know online and they won't like me... and... and... ARGGHHH!!! *running off screaming hysterically*). There's so much to do and so many people to meet... frankly, I just plan on not sleeping for the 48 hours I'm in DC! I can hardly wait! [*bouncing off the walls*].

Yes, I'm high strung. What do you expect?! I'm a feline! ;)

On the downer side, this conference also marks a personal deadline for me. I told myself that I would start to focus on finding a new job after/during the conference. Some friends attending who are professionals have offered to advise me, so this is when I start getting serious about avoiding unemployment. I really have no idea how to go about this. It's very scary, and rather upsetting because I have to face facts now. I'm going to start have to look honestly at my future and what it would take to get anywhere positive. Not fun. I'm still not sure I have my fighting spirit back yet. I'm trying to think good thoughts, though...

As far as blogging, I might do a bit more today or early tomorrow, but Friday will be consumed in travel. I'll try to "check in" a bit during the conference, but it will only be in the mornings/evenings (when I'm not trying to cram meeting as many people as possible into those hours). Those of you who will be there: See you soon!!!