21 May, 2006

Guest Blogging

Cassandra's well-tuned mind must've slipped a cog recently... 'cause she asked me to guest blog over at her place. Of course I jumped at the chance, though in order to overcome my writer's block I've had to try to convince myself she's not an amazing writer possessed of an extraordinary mind and endless sense of wit that I will never match. Can't say I've been very successful with that...

Ah well, I'm doing my best. ;)

So anyway, if you haven't been reading the wit and wisdom that is Cassandra's Villainous Company, shame on you! Get on over there and check out the archives. You'll have to put up with me for this week, but the archives should tide you over until she gets back.

Seriously, I'm deeply flattered that she trusts me with the keys to such an excellent blog. I've put up my first real post over there (not cross-posted here), so go check it out.