03 May, 2006

Holy Cow!

At the Milblog Conference, John used me as an example of the need for every single blogger to be aware of OPSEC issues. He shared how a post by a little blogger (me) was reposted on his site, which then was linked at NRO, Instapundit, and finally fark.com. This resulted in 45,000 hits in two days. As he pointed out, that's a big reach for a post by a small blogger and it can happen to anyone.

Well, apparently this small blogger also has a reach right into the DoD and the "Office of the Secretary."

Color me stunned (when I'm not laughing uproariously at the very idea).

Seriously, this is very cool. It means that someone in the DoD is paying attention to milbloggers. Let's hope they listen to what the panelists and other thinkers at the conference had to say.