05 May, 2006

The Joy of Travel

3.5 hours driving across the barren desert to arrive in Phoenix at 11p.m.
1.0 hours in the air to Denver
7.0 hours in a 3rd-rate motel with an awful bed
2.0 driving up the mountains to Breckenridge

Total: 6 hours travel and 7 hours in the nasty hotel

Driving from home to Breckenridge? 12 hours.

I suppose the first option is better, but not by much. The final determinate will be whether or not I fall asleep and slide off the side of the mountain on the drive up to Breckenridge. Ha!

There are some things I really miss about living in Phoenix--that 20-minute drive to the airport being first on the list. *pout*

Update: Made it up the hill just fine (with a couple wrong turns, as expected). I'm sitting here in a beautiful lodge and watching the pines, which were dusted with half an inch of snow after I arrived--all of which were eminently more enjoyable after my nap. :)

[And yes, Neffi, I was very tired. Double post has been deleted.]