11 May, 2006


Sorry for the minimal amount of substantive posting. First it was my sister's wedding, then trying to catch up again at work. Now I'm getting serious about the job search, and deep in pursuit of a dream job that suddenly opened. It's requiring a complete rebuild of my resume and the need for letters of recommendation sooner than I'd planned.

Anyway, here are some things I've been wanting to blog on:

Holy Aho has a beautiful painting for sale. Please spread the word far and wide.

This is just a weird story...

Andi shares a pointed (ouch!) political cartoon about Hilton.

Speaking of, BillT made an excellent suggestion in my latest post on Fran's problems with Hilton:

How many of us are members of professional or fraternal organizations which regularly host conferences or business meetings requiring the facilities of a large hotel?

An e-mail to our organizational leadership, with a cc to Mr. Kelleher, suggesting that the DC Hilton be removed from consideration as a site for future events due to management's cavalier attitude toward Fran O'Brien's and, by extension, to our troops.

The organizations I belong to are composed of Vietnam vets. That e-mail wouldn't sit well with either council or membership because this situation's an analog of the crap we got slapped with about thirty-five years back...
It's very frustrating that with all my recent increased visibility I haven't been able to keep up the quality of work that brought more readers in the first place. But things should loosen up in the near future...hopefully by the end of this week.