28 May, 2006

Murtha Hits Bottom and Keeps Digging

I didn't think he could disgrace himself further, but he has done it. On Memorial Day weekend, this is how ex-Marine Murtha "honors" those whom he used to call brothers:

But Murtha said, "There's no question about what happened. … The problem is: Who covered it up, why did they cover it up and why did it take so long?"

"We cannot allow something like this to fester," said Murtha, a decorated veteran of the Marines. "[The military has] got to put the blame where it goes."

Murtha contends photographic evidence of the incident proves beyond a doubt that the Marines at Haditha committed war crimes, making it critical the military take prompt action.

"These kind of things have to be brought out immediately," he told "This Week," "because if the Marines got away with it, other Marines might think it's okay."

The congressman doesn't know how far the blame will go.

"That's what we're trying to find out," he said. "It goes right up the chain of command right up to General Pace. … Did he know about it? Did he cover it up? I'm sure he didn't, but we need to find out."

I'm truly stunned at the breadth and depth of his lack of honor. How dare he sit there as a member of Congress and throw around intimations of a cover up throughout the entire Marine Corps chain of command when there has been an investigation underway for several months, instituted by the Marine Corps itself! How can he say "there's no question about what happened" when a trial is not even underway yet?! And to suggest there is a danger that other Marines might think that what he says happened (a massacre of innocents) is okay?!


I keep trying to comment further on this, but the thoughts in my head wouldn't be suitable for polite company. And as they are fueled purely by absolute rage at this worthless, reprehensible and honorless man, they probably wouldn't reflect well on me, either.

Update: Blackfive reminds us that what we can do about this is support his electoral opponent, Diana Irey. And we can remember all the good things Marines have been doing in Haditha.