15 June, 2006

Another Story of Valour-IT's Impact*

[Patti Bader sent me something that was a great pick-me-up in the middle of my being miserably sick yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't blog it until I started feeling better this morning...]

Patti received the following in an email yesterday from a Soldiers' Angels volunteer who has worked with Valour-IT laptop recipients:

I heard from the sister of a severely wounded Marine how much it helped her brother's rehabilitation to have one of our Valour-IT laptops. He lost use of both arms temporarily due to burns, so the laptop was an incredible blessing to not be isolated. Last word was that he was far ahead of the expected progress for his rehabilitation (I think he lost one or both feet too it was a very severe injury).

I was also fortunate enough to be on hand to see ten computers distributed to our heroes at [a VA hospital in] Palo Alto. They jumped right in, got their computers going and started talking about what they could do next... everything from email, to computer games to classes online. It opens up the world for them, particularly those in very long term rehab.

I am so proud to be a part of this organization and this project.
This letter is yet another example of why Valour-IT is so powerful. It's more than just a gift--a way to show our appreciation to those who have served and suffered, or let the know they're "not forgotten." A Valour-IT laptop and the benefits it provides become a fundamental part of a wounded solder's physical and psychological recovery. It's so much more than just a laptop.
*[For more examples of Valour-IT's impact on recipients, see the sidebar.]