09 July, 2006

Lamest Hatemail Ever

I know I shouldn't feed a troll, but still...

I received the following via the email address I use for Valour-IT related correspondence. I would've chalked it up to typical spam except for an interesting little line:

From: "I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot at MySpace"
To: thelioness_________________
Subject: I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot invites you to MySpace
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 08:45:04 GMT

I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot is a member of MySpace and is inviting you to join.

I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot Says:

Prove that you're not a maggot and go to www.meewsic.com. www.meewsic.com/meewsicradio.asp #1 talk show featuring EVH, Eric Carmen...
100,000+ dead in Iraq but you probably care more about spam because you're brainwashed.

Join MySpace and you will instantly be connected to I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot, and to each of I_knowThatYou'reA_maggot's friends.

Click Here to Join: [link removed]
Bwaahahaaahaha! I can't tell you all how deeply it pains me to know some nameless idiot out there thinks I'm a maggot.

Again, this was sent to my Valour-IT email address, which appears only on the Valour-IT project blog.

What a collossal buffoon.