06 July, 2006

Pause for Self-esteem Boost

These were just too good to pass up...

What Kind of Cute Are You?

Kitten Cute

You are KITTEN CUTE! You are as cute as it gets. You are adorable, snuggly, playful and small. Everyone loves you, and if they don't they're probably mean.

Well, others have said I look like a Hummel figurine, but I'll not argue with that result. ;)

What Item of Clothing Are You?


You're sexy and fun! You go, girl!

Cute and sexy?! Watch out, world! ;)


And speaking of cute and sexy... I've found another benefit to living in SD: Yesterday as I waited for a clerk to help me at Home Depot, I watched two sailors my age in the checkout line all decked out in their summer whites. As my blog papa would say (though not in quite that situation): "Verrr nice!"