18 July, 2006

Valour-IT: The Need Continues

[Updated below]

Two things highlight Valour-IT this week. One is an article in the Armed Forces Press that contains info about how Valour-IT has grown and adjusted.

The other is a request for a laptop that we just received from a Marine wounded by an IED almost exactly one month ago. Friends/family or medical personnel filled out the request for him:

[The Marine] lost left arm, left leg, left kidney, left part of pelvis, part of intestines, right kidney failure, right foot; is alert and aware of surroundings.
I'm sure this Marine is still psychologically reeling from the new situation he finds himself in regarding his battered body. He is exactly the kind of person for whom Valour-IT was created. With a huge mountain of recovery ahead of him, he's going to need every morale booster and bit of independence he can find.

If you haven't donated recently, please consider dropping a couple dollars in the hat for Marines like this (remember, every cent goes to purchasing and shipping the technology).

[More news at Valour-IT project blog]

Update: The Marine mentioned above is going to be a high priority for the Soldiers' Angels Wounded Team, and there may (notice: may) be a mechanism for anybody who wants to encourage this Marine as he recovers to send a card or letter through an intermediary. I'll keep you posted.

Update II: Address and additional information here.