27 August, 2006

The Book(s)

It's finally here! Blackfive (aka Matthew Currier Burden) has spent the last year working on a milblog anthology and it's finally shipping out via Amazon.com.

It's always exciting to see people you know in print, but this is extremely exciting because not only can I say "I know Matt," but I also count as friends a number of the bloggers excerpted in the book and [ed.--shameless plug ahead] I can even take credit for the inclusion of several posts I brought to Matt's attention.

But here's the important part: if the rest of it is as impressive as the opening pages you can view at Amazon, then it's going to be an awfully good book (click on the pic above to order--link fixed).

And while we're on the subject of books, don't miss this one that offers an intimate look at the kinds of people Valour-IT works to help:

Reviewer Roland Green of Booklist writes:

Prizewinning Time reporter Weisskopf went to Iraq embedded with the First Armored Division. One day he picked up a strange object from the bottom of his vehicle--and woke up with his right hand missing. His next journey was to Ward 57, the amputee ward, of Walter Reed Hospital. He skillfully depicts his own experiences and those of his wardmates... This thoroughly distinguished addition to the literature on the Iraq War adds further distinction to Weisskopf's career, which he plans to continue to the best of his remaining abilities.
I can't review the book myself as it isn't out until October, but I have been in touch with Weisskopf and I'll probably have more to say about both him and his book in the near future.