21 August, 2006

Something's Wrong Here

Grim says it best, and in fewer words. But if you'd like the long version, read on:

Cutting programs that support the treatment and rehabilitation of veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) right now is absurd. TBI is one of the most common combat-related injuries coming out of Iraq today. Anybody who has suffered severe wounds from an IED blast also likely suffers from TBI caused by the blast wave of the explosives. Even those with only very minor shrapnel wounds or scratches can end up with serious TBI.

When I went to the VA in Washington, DC last December we were given a tour of a Polytrauma Center. This is a new concept that the VA is very proud of. These Polytrauma Centers are special units in select locations that are designed to treat patients who have TBI plus other serious injuries such as amputations or paralysis. The VA and the DoD recognize that TBI is going to be one of the biggest issues in healthcare for this generation of wounded vets, and so they are very serious about providing these special centers.

And what does the idiotic U.S. Congress do? Move to cut back funding on TBI-related programs and research.

Contact your Congress Critters and politely tell them that they've apparently dropped the ball. Appeal to their patriotism and sense of electoral self-protection. This is an election year after all...

Update: John of Argghhh! is on the story, with links to others and more info.