17 August, 2006

Trash Bin

"Imdougandiruletheworld" came by for a visit and unloaded a lot of off-topic erroneous information and assumptions in this post about thanking those who have served. One might even go so far as to call it revisionist history, ignorance, and slanderous assumptions. I showed a lack of self-discipline and engaged him. It's gotten rather "interesting," but it's off-topic from the post were it started. So, I've transferred the comments here. Here's a sample:

On the subject of my supposed education...

While I have no way of determining the accuracy of that assumption, I will say that degrees from Tech schools, corporate owned schools like National Univ, and Fundamentalist Christian schools like Liberty "University" or any school in Kansas do not really count.

On his raison d'etre (and why I'm no longer going to argue with him):

And currently, I am doing my part to piss off, iritate, annoy, and offend as many neo-con, republican christians (all the same) as I possibly can as your very existence offends, iritates, and annoys me.

On the military:

As for those in the military who have re-enlisted, they were forced to.

On my supposed desire for adulation:

Unlike you I don't feel the need to brag about all of my past accomplishments on my blog and then,at the end, say, "But I don't want any recognition."

On the "red states":

...just full of poor, lazy, fat slobs who vote against welfare as they pick up their welfare check - now that's rich - noone ever thanks the great Republic of California for paying for everything in this country

Have at it, folks.

[I'd previously banned him, but I've had a change of heart. Go ahead and keep posting here. I'm not going to join you.]