01 September, 2006

Raising Baby Soldiers

Questing Cat of "Combat Life Saver" fame (his blog post soon to be appearing in The Blog of War) has sent Blackfive a great peek at a sergeant's perspective on brand-new soldiers in a combat zone:

In the end, they too will learn the way of our world. That you can dream of action, but the reality is never what you thought it would be. That the training they had already is the only thing that will carry them through tomorrow. That the details can’t wait until you are out on mission. And until they do, I lose a little more sanity everyday.

We all do what we must, because in a life worth living, someone is counting on you. Sometimes, it is those waiting at home, sometimes it is those miles away. And sometimes it is a private who gets me chewed out because he was a dumb ass. And glad to make a difference.
Be sure to read it all (the comments are great, too).