13 September, 2006


A soldier's mother writes about how she got involved with Soldiers' Angels, and in the process she sheds some light on motivations of the rest of us, too:

After the phone call, and hearing everything that happened to him, and bumping around in Air Force planes and getting settled at Brooke [Army Medical Center], it be came something else. It became a way to say thank-you to all of Matt’s buddies, who had saved his life. It became a way to send them things they needed, but also things that would help take them away from the sandbox for a few minutes. It was trying to find ways to make them laugh. But, always it was about my appreciation of their actions that saved Matt, their continuing concern for his recovery, and the fact they were all Matt’s brothers, and now my sons. It was about love and gratitude!
For a view of a mother with a wounded son and a peek at the motivations behind the care packages, be sure to read it all.