28 October, 2006

Challenge to the Navy

Update: Chaotic Synaptic Activity has stepped up!

The Valour-IT fundraising competition will begin bright and early Monday morning. So far the team leaders are:

Army: Blackfive
Air Force: Op-For
Marine Corps: Villainous Company
Navy: ????? Chaotic Synaptic Activity has stepped up!

Yes, once again we find Navy slow to step up. Last year we started the competition without a leader for Navy. Fortunately they found someone after a day and managed to pull it together to be the first to meet their fundraising goal. But alas, they fell a few hundred dollars short of Army in the final totals. Kinda makes one wonder what might have happened had they had a leader from day one... Hmmmm? ;)

All teasing aside, we need a team leader for Navy: either a big blogger or a coalition of smaller ones. Who's going to step up to the plate?