25 October, 2006

The Heart of a Lion

Soldiers’ Angels has a form through which a wounded soldier (or his family/friends) can request assistance of any kind. Since it goes to the same place Valour-IT laptop requests go, I usually see a copy.

Today we got a very special request that just blew me away.

Corporal X suffered his war wounds a couple years ago. Here’s how he describes his current situation and reason for requesting assistance from Soldiers' Angels (with a few edits from me to maintain his anonymity):

I am a TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) patient at [a US military hospital]. I have completed my medical boards and the army was trying to put me out. I fought my boards (on my own) and I am now eligible to stay in the army, but I have to reclass out of the infantry (MOS 11B). As a result, I am going into [another MOS—Military Occupational Specialty].

In the class I have been going to to help me know the info before I go to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) I have a hard time remembering things because I have approx 15% to 20% of my brain removed. The classes I am going through are given by [a rehabilitation-related department at the hospital]. I got this website from [name and number at the hospital].

The classes I am going through are requiring a laptop, and I do not have one and I do not have the resources at this time to buy one. I have done everything on my own up to this point but now I really need help. I cannot complete the labs without a computer. I need to learn this before I go back into training or else I will fail and be left behind by the military.

I’m thinking he definitely deserves that laptop, huh?