06 October, 2006


Yup. Still here. It's just that life has been staking out use of most of my brain cells. There seem to be not so many left for blogging. For those who may care, here's a sketch:

The search for temporary work until the right permanent job comes along is not going well and the financial reserves have more than scraped bottom. Apparently I'm both over-qualified and under-experienced, believe it or not. Further complicating it is that most "temporary" jobs are temp-to-hire, which would keep me from the very volunteer work that is part of developing my new career. And the whole process takes longer than it should because I'm fighting myself here--run-of-the-mill office work (which I am eminently qualifed for) makes me want to cry.

On the brighter side, someone is generally rearranging my brain and adjusting my perspective in a positive direction. A wonderful process, but its myriad repercussions are creating quite a bit of preoccupation on my part. A side benefit is that it apparently makes me too preoccupied to eat much, so I'm effortlessly losing some weight, haha.

And throw into the mix preparations for another Valour-IT fundraising competition... Anybody got tips or suggestions for approaching a business about offering incentives/matching funds?