06 November, 2006

The Journey Ramps Up

Update: Things are very much in flux. They've gone and changed it all again. I'll keep you posted.

About a month ago I posted this:

Somebody I know and care about was informed at monthly drill that his unit will begin training for deployment as early as January. They'll be in Iraq and outside the wire.

It certainly looks different from this side of the starting line.

It could've been as late as June, but he got the word this last weekend: Mobilization Training begins in January. It's his second time, so he knows what he's facing.

We were talking last week after the rumors started. He's a no-expectations cynical type (longtime soldier/cop), and he told me matter-of-factly that no one would care if he "didn't come back. Out of sight, out of mind." I'm hoping that in the coming year+ I can count on some of you to help me disabuse him of that ridiculous notion and show him he will not be forgotten...